11 Best Remote Desktop Sharing Applications

Every Geek needs a The List of Best Remote Desktop Sharing Applications atleast once in a lifetime. Here are the 11 selected Remote Desktop Sharing tools for you.

Top Best Remote Desktop sharing tools :

1.TeamViewer :

If you are looking for the best way to remotely share your desktop then it is recommended that you use TeamViewer.It is one of the quickest and easiest ways of setting up the remote desktop sharing. There is no complex installation involved as it is very simple to setup. You and your partners will be getting ready-made ID’s and password which you can share selecting different connecting options.

2.Yuuguu :

Yuuguu’s interface is similar to a chat box showing all your buddies contacts and info.This comes with a lot of features like you can actually run it in a minimized mode and keep launching it whenever you want to share the screen. If the person who is in your contact list whom you added doesnt use a Yuuguu client an invitation will be sent to his inbox for signup.

3.Dimdim :

Dimdim is more likely to the people who are at a conference on web. This lets you to share your screen which even serves the purpose of presentations .This service comes as an open source and it is well managed by the developers.

4.ShowMyPC :

ShowMyPC is still the best out there. The service and the support is very quick.There are many tools available on the site of ShowMyPC which are widely used for the desktop sharing purposes.

5.Mikigo :

It is one of the best remote desktop sharing tools ever. You can actually share your desktop screen to multiple(mostly 9-10) people at the same time. You can also give the best web presentations by making a conference.


This is one good tool for a Free Remote Desktop Sharing . It allows users to actually make their work done without any complex steps involved. This runs on windows. By making use of the web browsers you can actually remotely operate any OS with this application.

7.Instant Housecall:

This is one of the best remote desktop sharing tools .You may call it a basic teamviewer version as it functions similar to that of TeamViewer with slight variations.

8.LogMeIn :

This is a very good remote desktop sharing application that comes in 2 main versions :LogMeIn Free version & LogMeIn Pro version. Though both can serve the purpose of remote desktop sharing freely ,pro version is having additions which bring life to your sharing.

9.Windows RDC :

This is a built-in feature that should get already installed along with your windows OS.There is no harm in trying it out unless you know how to connect remotely using Windows remote desktop connection.

10.Thin VNC :

Thin VNC is absolutely a free remote desktop sharing tool. Unlike other tools it is not so easy to setup.

11.Tight VNC :

This is a simple and best free remote desktop sharing tool with which you can actually head on the process of screen sharing easily even from your web browsers.